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Old Navy 2 piece Tiger Costume. Size 2T/3T. Super cute! Smoke free home. Will meet in Harrodsburg.

Who better for him to be than Popeye?

Drama Queens Tigress Hoodie Costume, Large Cute and cool, this costume is perfect for any girl Features black and tiger print hooded dress with attached tail and ruffles Top Toys. The hottest toys for the holiday season! I purchased a size small (supposed to be size according to manufacturer) for my 6 yr old. She wears a size 6 Reviews:
Old Navy has an amazing selection of cute kids clothes in sizes 5 through 16 that will fit your children and your budget. About Our Kids Clothing Collection Our kids clothing collection includes everything you'll need to have your children looking fashionable from head to toe.
Find great deals on eBay for old navy halloween costume. Shop with confidence.
Find great deals on eBay for old navy halloween costume. Shop with confidence.
Find great deals on eBay for old navy halloween costume. Shop with confidence.
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Drama Queens Tigress Hoodie Costume, Large Cute and cool, this costume is perfect for any girl Features black and tiger print hooded dress with attached tail and ruffles Top Toys. The hottest toys for the holiday season! I purchased a size small (supposed to be size according to manufacturer) for my 6 yr old. She wears a size 6 Reviews:

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Age 0 to 12 Months. Please enter a minimum and maximum price. Brands On Sale, Inc. Best Costume and Toy Deals. Styles I Love, Inc. Only 19 left in stock - order soon. It is a black dress with frlly tiger skirt and jacket. Add black leggings and shoes and you are set. Perfect fit and not too short. Could wear without leggings. My 10 year old picked this for Halloween and it was fabulous!! He loved it and was the talk of begger's night. He has worn it several times since, just for fun.

It has a creepy factor and when he lurks around like Gollum, it is doubled. Sheface Kids Halloween Costumes. My daughter loved this costume. She got a ton of compliments on how great of a costume it was and she loved channeling her inner tiger. Very well made and true to size. My little ones love this! Great perfect condition it was for kids and adults and they were great. Pretty cool for plays and birthdays. Underwraps Toddler's Tiger Costume Jumpsuit.

Based on the reviews about it being too small I ordered a size up: It's pretty huge on him but I'm not sure I want to go through the hassle of orsering smaller and returns etc. I will probably just pin it to fit him.

The stuffing in the tiger head is kinda smashed and doesn't stand up anywhere near as nice as the photo. Adriana made the dress and apron using a store-bought costume pattern, but you could also buy a Dorothy dress, or layer a blue dress under a white apron. Dress your child in white socks or tights and red shoes, add a basket, and place a stuffed Toto inside. Braid hair or use a store-bought wig to complete the outfit.

Sew craft straw to the sleeves of the green turtleneck and the cuffs of the pants. Cut patches out of the felt, hot-glue straw to the back, and sew or glue onto the shirt and pants.

Use rope to tie the cuffs of the shirt and pants and as a belt. Make the hat by using a child-size witch's hat that ties under the chin Adriana used Emily's hat from the year before and put brown eyeliner on your nose. Cut a neck hole in the iridescent fabric, drape it over the body, and tie it at the waist with silver Christmas rope. Cover a cheap funnel with silver electrical tape for the hat and use a plastic axe for a prop. Red broadcloth, stick-on Velcro, white hat, red shirt.

White sailor hat, scraps of yellow, red, and black fabric, pipe. Long black skirt, red shirt, scraps of white and red fabric, red ribbon.

Trace a sleep sack on the red broadcloth and cut the bottom to a point. Sew up the sides and leave the tops of the shoulders open. Add Velcro at the open tops so you can slip on the sack and secure easily. Dress your child in a red shirt or onesie and a white hat. Cut out panels from red fabric and sew or glue on some black stripes.

Sew or glue the panels to the neckline. Cut out 3 large yellow circles for buttons and sew or glue to the front of the shirt. Draw on a tattoo with black eyeliner.

Accessorize with a sailor hat and a pipe. Sew a red stripe around the base of a black skirt using a zigzag setting on the sewing machine. Cut out a white "collar" and sew or glue it on a red shirt. Use red ribbon to tie back your hair. Who better for him to be than Popeye? Cotton balls to stuff the tail, black eyeliner pencil, needle and thread. White bodysuit Sheriece found this one online , white cap, tan and brown felt, brown face paint, fabric glue.

Cut out spots and long ears from felt and use fabric glue to attach them to the bodysuit and the sides of the white cap. Cut out two pieces of felt in the shape of a tail, stitch them together and turn inside out. Fill with cotton balls and attach to the bodysuit with fabric glue. Use black eyeliner for the nose and whiskers, and the brown for that we-can't-resist spot around the eye.

At the time, all dogs were puppies, and puppies' sounds were among his favorite sounds to make. White jumpsuit Dina found this velvet one on eBay, or just make a big V cut in the front of a plain white velvet romper , white foam, gold glitter T-shirt paint, black spray hair color, yellow scarf for belt.

Cut out a collar from white foam and glue it onto the material on the jumpsuit so it stands up straight if you're using a romper, you can skip this step. Use gold glitter T-shirt paint to add dots and lines. You can also include "Elvis" on the sleeves and "The King" on the back like Dina did. Apply spray-on hair color, and draw on lamb chop-style sideburns with eye pencil. Wrap the yellow scarf around the waist -- and mini-Elvis has entered the building.

I added the extra touches to make it original and to add to the plain costume. It needed more spunk and a huge collar with lots of glitter. I thought that the sideburns and the dark hair would complete the costume.

Approximate time to make: A week to gather the materials and roughly eight hours to assemble. White spray paint, several yards of iridescent fabric, a few bags of cotton batting, a plastic rod with hook for the showerhead Brooke found this one at a party store , foam board, tinsel. Tess wore a flesh-colored set of thermal pajamas to go outside. Spray-paint a wagon white and let it dry. Divide the cotton batting into different size chunks and wrap with the iridescent fabric.

Secure the ends with rubber bands and attach each "bubble" to the wagon with a glue gun, taking care to hide the rubber bands. The "shower" is made by attaching the rod to one end of the wagon with tape, cutting out and attaching a foam "showerhead," and gluing tinsel to the end to make "water. Just pull your kid around the neighborhood in the wagon. White button-up shirt, red socks, brown lace-up shoes, golf club. Argyle sweater vest Cherie found this one at Marshalls , cap, tan knickers these are from Old Navy , blue and yellow fabric paint, small round paintbrush.

The red socks were painted with an argyle pattern of solid blue diamonds and yellow crisscrossing stripes mom cheat: Once painted, the socks were set out overnight to dry. Add the rest of the outfit plus cap, and you've got your own little Tiger.

We decided it would be great for our son, especially because he's had a golf club in his hands since he was 11 months old. He loves to golf or at least swing and hit the ball. Black long-sleeved shirt, white short-sleeved tee, old black pants cut up and frayed at the bottom.

Pair pants with black and white shirts. Tie one skull bandanna around the waist and one on the head. Add the plastic sword for a swashbuckling touch. You can also add an eye patch or gold clip-on earring to take this costume to the next level -- if your child will keep them on.

I had the treasure chest already and I picked up some netting, a sword, and gold coins from a party store [to create the setting for the photo]. Cardboard boxes, empty paper towel tubes, oatmeal container, paint brushes, clip suspenders or ribbon , paper plates, masking tape.

Cut the flaps off the bottom of the box. Cut halfway through the flap on the top of box, and use the remaining part of the flap to create the back of the train, using the photo as a guide. Toilet paper tubes can be used to make the whistles, and an oatmeal container stuffed with newspaper can make the blue dome.

Paint, and attach ribbon or suspenders clip them to the front and back so that the costume will sit on your child's shoulders. Place weights behind face to keep the costume from riding up Donna used a bag of change.

Dress your child in overalls underneath, and add a engineer cap if you own one -- perfect for your little Thomas fanatic. It really wasn't that hard to make -- just took some imagination and looking at his trains a lot! He loved being his favorite train so much that after Halloween he kept wearing it around the house and asked us to save it for next time -- once we got it off him long enough to pack it away.

Black boa Sheriece found a cheap one at the fabric store , black hat, black felt, fabric glue. Cut the boa into five lengths: Glue the boa pieces in place with fabric glue. Cut out ear shapes from the felt. Glue them to the hat and add a few feathers inside each ear, keeping them in place with glue. Glue felt tail to the back of the pants. She didn't seem like a delicate princess or butterfly to us. A mischievous black cat fit the bill. Pattern for the dress McCall's M , bonnet Butterick B , pink and blue fabric, yes, this mom actually sewed this, but you could also reuse last year's puffy-sleeved Easter dress and bonnet, paired with a white lacy apron , staff this one was a Christmas cane decoration wrapped in white electrical tape , crinoline slip, and ribbon.

Follow the instructions on the dress and bonnet patterns. Once the dress and bonnet are on, add the crinoline slip underneath to make the skirt poufy.

Add dress shoes and socks.

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Old Navy 2 Pcs. Toddler Size Months Orange Black Tiger Halloween Costume. Find great deals on eBay for old navy halloween costume. Shop with confidence. Get the best deals on old navy baby costumes and save up to 70% off at Poshmark now! Whatever you're shopping for, we've got it.