Pattern Maker

Learn to make your own clothing patterns. Designed to help the talented home sewer create her own fashions, we offer a step-by-step process teaching clothing design- without store-bought patterns.

All you need to do is e-mail us the sketch or existing pattern that needs to revised.

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Clothing Pattern Maker - pimpfilmzcq.cf - Search The Web Web SearchServices: Search Multiple Engines, Find Fast Results, Search & Lookup Results.
Their pattern maker has worked in the designer dress shirt and sportswear brands, workwear and career apparel as well as healthcare textiles, apparel, surgical, and incontinence care. He is well aware of the time constraints within the industry and will deliver quality service with quick turnaround.
Their pattern maker has worked in the designer dress shirt and sportswear brands, workwear and career apparel as well as healthcare textiles, apparel, surgical, and incontinence care. He is well aware of the time constraints within the industry and will deliver quality service with quick turnaround.
Find freelance Pattern Maker professionals, consultants, freelancers & contractors and get your project done remotely online. Post projects for free and outsource work. Post project. Browse. Browse Projects clothing industry ; computer-aided design (cad) pattern design.

Dressmakers and clothing pattern makers that have more experience are expected to receive higher compensation (around $/hour or even more), while those in entry-level positions can look forward to a fair salary rate of $/hour.

Our pattern service is capable of digitizing any existing pattern form a hard pattern or pattern that is bought from a retail store. We can do auto-layout or manual-layout depending upon your needs. We can set up your grade rules based on your standard jump or manual grading.

We can help you perfect or provide ideas for change of your existing pattern you prefer for production cutting. We can revise any pattern that has production complications, or has been initiated by other pattern making service.

Pattern Maker We make all types of patterns for other designers and manufacturers. Sourcing materials can be an intimidating process. From sample yardage to fabric minimums, we'll work with you and remove some of the anxiety from the sourcing process.

Once we have an initial pattern and your desired fabric, it's time to see where we really stand. We will work closely with a domestic sample maker that delivers a world class product at an extremely competitive price. Grading is taking your sample size and creating all the other sizes you plan on offering for each style. Your fit is everything. We'll work with you to establish a Grade Rule that is specific to your brand and the expectations of your customer.

Then we'll print or email production markers to the factory based on your fabric specifications. If you just need 50 pieces of a style, we can make that happen.

Our small batch production house is the ideal factory for you brand to get it's start. Extremely low minimums and experienced operators make for a great combination. If you need 5, pieces of a style, we can make that happen as well. In addition to our in-house production facility, we have worked with the same network of high capacity factories both domestic and overseas for over a decade. Saying that they are great people is an understatement. She is involved with every project that goes through our shop, manages our interns, and fully embraces having multiple hair colors at once.

Dan Artinger has been digitizing, grading, and creating production markers for over years. Whether your apparel production is large or small, their quality is first rate. They have all the necessary connections and their experts will help you save time and money. They also offer private label for retailers, boutique owners, distributors and all businesses.

Ortu Leather is also a wholesale leather supplier. They offer production cut and sew services, leather supply as well as design consulting. Long ago, they did it by hand. It was a good time to learn the clothing business. Everything from designing, pattern making, grading, and marking has subtleties and nuances missing in many so-called experts today.

When most feared computers, they embraced them. A decade of successful computerized design services has made them a leader in productivity and efficiency. Trust the experience of a lifetime in the clothing industry and state-of-the art computer technology. Pattern and marker making services to the textile industry. They can help you To digitize and set up the base size of a production pattern for a style, create a measurement specification sheet for each size based on customer or industry sizing, grade a pattern, and more.

The pattern files can be transfered to Gerber or Micro systems electronically. Their team is including experienced pattern makers and graphic designers.

All of them have been working in this field for over years. Their business is focus on garment product development: Pattern solution has a strong experienced team who have been working at the export-oriented fashion design company or garment manufactures for more than 15 years.

They have gained product development experience in the whole value-chain of apparel from fashion concept developing to sample making for most woven garment, namely suits, sports-wear, jackets, pants, dresses, etc for men, ladies and kids. Gerber Pattern Making Service. Creates first-production patterns from a sketch, measurements, or a photo. They have an excellent fit and balance, establish grade rules for all markets, shrinkage, grading, sample making, import packages, illustrator sketches and spec sheets.

They are unique, innovative and can create original, functional, production quality patterns for your company. Works with skirts, dresses, pants, shirts, Bridal dresses, Suits, and all men's and women's clothing. Point Apparel NY provides professional pattern service, sample development and production service.

Over 30 years experiences staffs and 30 sewing machine operators guarantee high quality works and on time. ProCut Technical Design Services: Apparel Custom Made to Order to your designs ideas and specifications of drawings, sketches, or illustrations.

ProCut Technical Design Services will make it possible to develop design and style for your special fashion ideas. Please E-mail or Fax all of your request information drawings, sketches, illustrations, and specifications of the garments materials, styles and sizes. Then all requested is analyzed for processing your custom order to specifications, styles, and sizes.

If any questions please fill free to phone, Monday thru Friday 9am - 5pm. They also provide a computer pattern maker and maker service. Their Oakland studio provides services to clothing designers, these services include patternmaking, sample sewing, and small production runs.

Oakland CA Phone: Maria or Daniela DiSalvo. A highly successful apparel design studio and Apparel Product Development Firm located in the United States which has been involved in the development of many apparel collections being sold at well known retailers such as Nordstrom, Macys, Costco, Walmart, and high end boutiques throughout the country. Contact , info savvyapparelstudio. In business since , Sew Tec is a patternmaking and sample shop, specializing in prototype creation and small production runs for clothing, soft toy designers, and fiber artists.

They also offer design assistance and precision sewing services for high tech specialty fabrics and outdoor equipment. The CAD center is equipped with Investronica Investmark software, five graphic design servers, managed by Romanian specialists and coordinated by an Italian professional. Simandy is in fact an outsource adviser and consultant for on-line specialized clothing product presentation, using the best worldwide data bases, offering the clients constant commercial and technical information.

Simandy deals, in particular, with imports and sales of high quality Italian garments. Singer Pattern Company has been servicing the Garment Industry for 30 years. Let a company with experience help you to achieve your goals. Their work is fully guaranteed, because Singer Pattern Company is "a name you can trust. Southern Sport Design and Manufacturing, Inc.

They also assist in the pattern making , procurement of care and logo labels. They are your full service jean manufacture serving you. Also, they provide sewing services. John Ned , Owner. Studio provides line developing and design services to a variety of clients. They work with new, small, large and high end companies on their garment construction. Their main services are pattern making from 1st through production by hand as well as by computer, sample sewing with great attention to detail, specs and line sheets.

Their in-house capabilities are of the highest quality with great attention to their clients and their needs. Sylvie P offers pattern making and made-to-order services for any type of garment and sizes: Pattern drafting traditional or CAD, fitting capability , grading, Spec sheets finish measurements, flat sketches, construction details , and sample making small run By appointment only ; info sylviep.

Tag Studio Established in , creates first through production patterns for designers, manufacturers, and small start up businesses.

Women's, Mens, Children's apparel; outerwear, better, knits, wovens, swimwear, intimate apparel, as well as, fashion accessories. Tarseam is a Canadian company created in , specializing in the Pattern making and grading. Tarseam belongs to the Design Wizard Group, the first inventor of parametric pattern drafting , which means dynamically drawing a pattern based on the unique data parameters provided by you or by modifying the default parameters.

Tarseam was born from Design Wizard, as part of a need both to modernize and to rationalize production, increasing productivity while standardizing and improving production standards. This scenario led Design Wizard management, in , to creating Tarseam for providing pattern making and grading services for apparel industry The Tarseam department is currently made up of a select multidisciplinary team of designer, pattern maker and engineers, each of whom is highly qualified in the various technological areas the company deals in.

Tomboy Design offers Computerized pattern making, grading and marker making services. Prototype and sample development.

Specification development, including creative and technical drawing. C onsulting in the areas of Quality control, production, and training Address: Total Control Apparel, Inc. Total Controls production facility consists of an on site pattern and sample room. A fully computerized marking and grading department, trimmings buyers, cutting room, fabric warehouse, fusing department, pick pack operation, and a staff of highly qualified Quality Control and Spec Technicians who oversee production in TCAs network of approximately 30 factories.

They assemble, install, train and support these Systems. Rupi Arora, Chief Operating Officer. Over 25 years in the apparel trade. US Standard Clothing Sizes. Search for pattern making relevant job categories. Fabric and apparel patternmakers convert a clothing designer's original model of a garment into a pattern of separate parts that can be laid out on a length of fabric. After discussing the item with the designer, these skilled workers usually use a computer to outline the parts and draw in details to indicate the position of pleats, buttonholes, and other features.

In the past, patternmakers laid out the parts on paper using pencils and drafting instruments, such as rulers. Patternmakers then alter the size of the pieces in the pattern to produce garments of various sizes, and may "mark" the fabric showing the best layout of pattern pieces to minimize waste of material.

Once an item's pattern has been made and marked, mass production of the garment begins.

Pattern maker is much more flexible. It allows you to do your thing. You can create your own basic blocks, build in the fit you want. This way you can control the look and fit . Their pattern maker has worked in the designer dress shirt and sportswear brands, workwear and career apparel as well as healthcare textiles, apparel, surgical, and incontinence care. He is well aware of the time constraints within the industry and will deliver quality service with quick turnaround. Apparel patterns, fabric sourcing, grading, samples, and production. We have over 65 years of combined experience in the apparel industry.